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The MAECO Cars.

We work on the most wonderful cars ever built -- from the monsters of the sixties and seventies, from Ford, Chevy, and Shelby.

We service the sharpest street cars in California and we restore, build, and race-prepare the fiercest competition cars in the Southwest.   Below are some of our favorites...

The Shelby GT350

They're all alike and they're all different, too. The quintessential big bore road racer from the sixties. MAECO specializes in tweaking these beautiful beasts into race-winning rides.

Bruce Belluschi.Ron Huber.
Sandy Davis.Jim Francies.
Jay Parille.
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Ross Myers.
Manny Samaniego.
Mike Eisenberg.

The Mustang

The first -- and arguably the best -- of the pony cars. The affordable performance fantasy ride, for the street or the track.

Jack McEachern
Danny Kahn.
Mark Thomas.

This pristine Boss Mustang is an original Bud Moore Ford Factory TransAm race car, serial number 01. It was originally driven by George Follmer and Parnelli Jones.

The Camaro

Chevy's answer to the Mustang started the argument that became Trans-Am racing and continues today.


Perhaps the most competitive race series of all time was the SCCA's professional Trans-American racing. It's the series that continues today, both in a vintage format and a contemporary format. We have participated successfully in both series.

Vintage Trans-Am cars at the Tustin Thunder Road Races.

Michael Eisenberg's Camaro leads Fred Galloway's '69 Penske-Donohue Camaro and Tomy Drissi's ex-Dick Guldstrand Camaro in the Trans-Am race at the Tustin Thunder Road Races.

Tomy Drissi

A number of MAECO Motorsport prepped Trans-Am cars were invited to participate in the Tribute to Trans-Am held at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Click here for a collection of photos from the restoration of the 1971 Trans Am Championship winning Javelin restored by MAECO Motorsport.

The Corvette

Beautiful and super-fast, too. The Beach Boys liked the Vettes, and so do the ladies.

Tomy Drissi.

The Shelby Cobra & the Contemporary Cobra Replica

King of the beasts. Carrol Shelby started something that just won't go away. They don't make 'em like that anymore -- but you can. The best kit car in the world.

Michael Eisenberg.Mike Kahn.

The Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger

This just shows that MAECO can do it all.  Even British cars can be made fast and reliable.

Steven Alcala.