Trackside Support Services

Trackside Support
$350.00 per day per car (2 customer cars minimum)
While being supported at the race track, we will provide mechanical service to your race car.  Included in the daily charge is, but not limited to, seeing that your car is taken through all tech inspections, any *maintenance required between races during the race day, support at pre-grid, any prep work required during the race day, and any repairs that can be performed at the track or, **at facilities available to us during the race day.  A race day is considered to be 12 hours in length.  If circumstances require more time beyond the 12 hour day, all effort will still be put forth to correct the circumstance, but there will be an additional fee.
All events are subject to a charge equal to a half day trackside support for setting up our paddock space the day before an event.
*All parts, chemicals, race gas, supplies, tire mounting & balancing, etc. to be billed as used. A $10 daily charge will be applied for generic supplies such as small fasteners and detailing supplies.
**Any fees or charges incurred will be reimbursed by the customer

The following expenses will be divided equally among the number of customer cars supported at the race event by MAECO Motorsport, and paid by the customer.
Each customer who is using MAECO Motorsport for trackside support will pay a share of the expenses incurred getting the crew members to and from the race event and while at the race event (race car transportations costs including truck driver costs are covered by transportation fees.) These costs are divided equally by the number of customer cars being supported by MAECO Motorsport, and include the following: crew payroll (transit time), air fare, lodging costs, per Diem (at $35/day), and car rental.  These costs apply to each crew member. We will work to get the lowest possible prices for these costs. In order to do this, it requires as much advance notice as possible from the customer.
On consecutive out of town race events, when the transporter remains out of town for subsequent events, there may be incurred expenses. While there may be no mileage charges, there may be charges for the following: crew charges, per diem and lodging costs for the time between the race events. These costs will be computed by adding the number of events a car will be supported by MAECO Motorsport, and dividing that by cumulative total of customer cars that MAECO Motorsport will support at all events.

Cancellation Policy
Less than 30 days prior to the race the customer may be charged 25% of the transportation
Less than 14 days prior to the race the customer may be charged 50% of the transportation
If the space can be filled, there will be no transportation charges. The customer will be responsible if there are any other non-refundable costs incurred (i.e. air fare, entry fees, lodging)

Prices subject to change